Dog Pools & Towels

Despair of finding a pool that can withstand scratching and chewing? You've come to the right place!  

Our bone-shaped dog pools are HUGE, GORGEOUS and FUN! Pool hire available (Brisbane area).

Visit our Dog Pools website HERE.


The 'One Dog One Bone' pools are made specifically for dogs in the USA. Made from truckbed liner material they are virtually bombproof!

Choose from white, sand, blue or pink!

UV & Chew-Resistant

At Jogs for Dogs we have hosted loads of dogs at our summer Pool Parties. Our 'One Dog One Bone' dog pool is still going strong, and provides the dogs with endless fun! See our Dog Pools gallery HERE.  

Dog Towels

We stock a fabulous range of Growl Towels for you and your dog. Designed in Noosa, Australia!